Builder's Squad Sarco 1911 Project

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I received this frame and parts kit as part of a group buy organized on the Roderus Custom forums. I believe there were twenty-something of us. The parts kit came from Sarco, and cost about $160. The frame, a KT Ordnance 80% frame, was a little less than that due to the group buy. As the total cost was under $300, I decided I would build it up as a "beater" 1911 without putting too much effort into it. For that kind of money you can't really build anything too nice.

What I Received

The parts kit looked kind of shaky at first glance. Aside from the barrel, slide and frame, most of the parts looked new, but made from castings. A couple of them were noticeably off-center and would require lots of filing to get them in shape. Some of the smaller parts appeared to be used, but in fairly good shape. Still, it appears to be a solid start towards a working gun.

The slide is a surplus part from Brazil. It looks pretty rough but should clean up OK.

The KT frame needs to have the slide rails cut to be 100% complete. It's made from two pieces of CNC-machined steel that are then brazed together. The brazing bead will need cleaning up:

Initial setup for rail cutting (using 1/16" slitting saw):

Lining it up on the Y axis:

Lining it up on the Z axis:

First pass (.069 deep) @ 700 rpm:

Move the cutter down .0555 and make another pass.

The KT frame is .765" wide. My Sistema frame (on which the slide fits well) is .745" wide. So I am taking off .009" on each rail.

Left rail cut:

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