Caspian .40 Single Stack

This was a Christmas present for Dad. He's a fan of .40 S&W, so I decided to build him one and take my time with it. I began work on it in earnest right before Thanksgiving, and finally got it in the bluing tank this week. Since this is intended primarily as a range toy / safe queen, I let that dictate my parts selection.  

Parts list: 
Caspian frame & slide
Kart ramped barrel & bushing
Wilson Value Line sear and hammer
BUL ball head disconnector
Brown grip safety and mag catch
STI thumb safety & slide stop
EGW firing pin stop (series 80, to allow for .40 ejector)
Harrison Design Extreme Service trigger
Heinie Ultra-low mount rear and Novak front sight
Caspian extractor, ejector, and firing pin
Nighthawk MSH and plunger tube
12 # Wolff recoil spring
STI and Tripp .40 magazines
VZ black micarta grips
Finish is hot blue over bead blast

Partial list of the work done:

Fit frame and slide
Cut frame for Wilson / Nowlin ramped barrel
Novak sight cuts
Ball cuts on slide
Frontstrap high-cut and hand checkered at 30 LPI
Beavertail cut & blend
Dehorn everything and round off MSH butt slightly

Dad got some trigger time with it today, and he enjoyed it. The gun will easily keep all 9 shots on a 3x5" index card at 25 yards, freehand. That's the extent of the accuracy testing I've been able to do so far, since my range visits lately have been quick and dirty. I intend to set up the Ransom rest and see what it will actually print, but that probably won't happen for another few weeks.

Random notes: I have to say I really like the Harrison trigger. The smooth face and rear-mounted overtravel screw make it a very comfortable trigger to use. The gun will happily feed both factory-length .40 cartridges out of both STI/Metalform and Tripp magazines, as well as long (1.200") loaded rounds from Metalform 10mm magazines.