Kahr K40 Customization

When I bought this K40 used several years ago it had the Ashley sights preinstalled, along with a strip of grip tape on the frontstrap, and a tired matte blue finish.

I soon refinished it with Brownell's Aluma-Hyde II for carry purposes, and carry it I did, for quite a while. It wasn't long before I realized the Hogue grips were too sticky, and the frontstrap not sticky enough. Plus, the Aluma-Hyde was wearing off the gun at a frightening rate.

Recently I decided to spruce it up a little. The first thing to go was the paint. I abrasive blasted the gun with 100 grit al-oxide. Then I put some 40 LPI checkering on the front strap. Next I dehorned the gun, with special attention paid to the slide lock lever. The magwell got beveled, and the drawbar and a couple other internal parts were polished to help smooth the trigger pull.

A new Wolff recoil spring, a dip in the bluing tank, and a set of new factory hardwood grips completed the renovation. I put the original Kahr rear night sight back on it since the tubes still had plenty of glow left, and I didn't particularly care for the Ashley rear sight.

I'm looking forward to putting this handy little gun back in the CCW rotation. I think it's going to prove a little more friendly to carry than it once did.

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